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Eating Disorder Therapy in Essex, NJ

Seeking treatment for an eating disorder is a brave step for women, teenage girls, and their families. If you are in the Essex County, NJ area, we invite you to contact us to learn more about our therapists and our evidence-based approach. We are so passionate about eating disorder recovery that it’s our primary focus! We specialize in eating disorder therapy in Newark, Short Hills, Glen Ridge, Montclair, and the surrounding region. 

Through relational models of therapy that focus on each individual, clients will be empowered to not only recover from their eating disorder but to restore their overall well-being and find true healing. Our online therapy services are available to residents in New Jersey who are ready to face their eating disorder in a safe and supportive environment.


Why Choose Recovered & Restored Eating Disorder Therapy Center?

The professionals at Recovered & Restored are not just highly trained therapists and nutritionists. All of the members of our team have also recovered from or have been directly impacted by eating disorders. This background experience and a particular focus on eating disorder treatment allows us to form a personalized therapeutic alliance that supports each client’s journey. We know that everyone has unique circumstances, so that will inform our treatment approach and their recovery process. 

The services at Recovered & Restored are designed to provide a full spectrum of therapy and support to clients and their families. Eating disorders are influenced by many environmental factors that must be addressed for sustainable recovery. Our goal is to not only help clients heal from their ED but also to provide the tools necessary to continue living a joyful life to the fullest!


A Health at Every Size (HAES) Provider, Recovered & Restored services include:


  • Eating Disorder Recovery Therapy is offered online through evidenced-based modalities. Our modalities include Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Exposure Response Prevention (ERP), and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT).

  • Trauma Recovery Therapy to act on the awareness that C-PTSD is a common co-occurrence with eating disorders. Our team uses trauma-informed modalities to address underlying issues to promote full healing.

  • Nutrition Services and Meal Coaching to support a healthy relationship with food, meal planning, and family communication.

  • Group Support for parents, teens, meal planning, and healthy lifestyle interests.

  • Parent Coaching and Family Therapy to encourage healthy family systems and homes for everyone impacted by eating disorders. Our services are designed to help families understand ED through psycho-education and to form supportive strategies for recovery, coping, and communication.

By specializing entirely in the treatment of eating disorders and their underlying mental health concerns, our team is able to customize an effective and sustainable treatment plan for each client. Women, teens, and their families come to Recovered & Restored with confidence that our team is knowledgeable and experienced in every facet of ED recovery.

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What is Health at Every Size (HAES)?

All of the therapists, coaches, and specialists at Recovered & Restored are fully aligned with the HAES principles. HAES is a compassionate and holistic approach to defining health at the individual level. Weight is not what determines health! Healthy people come in many different shapes and sizes. We challenge our clients’ beliefs about health and encourage them to see it from a whole-person perspective.

The concept of HAES is often new to clients in New Jersey who are entering recovery therapy for an eating disorder. We incorporate HAES principles into the healing journey at an individualized pace so that clients are empowered to develop a positive relationship with their body and their health.


These principles include:


  • Weight Inclusivity - reducing the stigma around weight and body size

  • Health Enhancement - focusing on definitions of health that are not weight-based

  • Eating for Well-being - rebuilding a mindful relationship with food and the activity of eating

  • Respectful Care - creating an inclusive community that offers a sense of belonging to individuals in all phases of recovery

  • Life-enhancing Movement - enjoying movement that is good for the body, mind, and emotional well-being

The HAES perspective is a powerful framework that helps our clients reshape their beliefs about what it means to celebrate and love their own healthy bodies.


Online ED Therapy in Essex County, NJ

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Online therapy is an effective treatment modality for eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and orthorexia. All of our providers are licensed to treat New Jersey residents with a secure, HIPAA-compliant video chat service.

This method of treatment allows our clients in Essex County to receive personalized, specialized ED treatment from the comfort of their own home. Clients appreciate the convenience and accessibility of online therapy and are relieved to jump right into sessions without additional travel time.

Recovered & Restored offers all of our services in an online format, including eating disorder therapy, trauma therapy, meal coaching, nutrition services, and parent/family coaching. This is especially beneficial for families who would otherwise experience scheduling obstacles regarding time and day availability. Online therapy in New Jersey is a great option for anyone struggling with an eating disorder and ready to start fighting back. 

With the maximum flexibility afforded by online therapy options, our team is able to serve clients throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, South Carolina, and Florida. We are fully licensed and qualified for these service areas to treat eating disorders, coach clients through nutrition and meal planning, and counsel parents and families.

We understand that beginning the therapy process can be scary and intimidating. For many people struggling with an eating disorder, recovery feels impossible. But we can say from personal experience that not only is recovery possible, but restoration to a full life is as well! No matter where we meet our clients and their families on their path, we’re here to help them see that they can live happy, joy-filled lives.

Ready to take the next step? Begin your journey to recovery and restoration from eating disorders with compassionate, evidence-based therapy. Contact our team to learn more.

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