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Helping Kids & Teens Develop Healthy Body Image

We know that being a parent is the hardest job on the planet! This course was created as a resource to help you with a very tender and sensitive topic.


In this course, you will gain an understanding of body image, learn about the influences of body image, develop language for discussing body image, develop tools for modeling body image and healthy body image, and get tips for building self-esteem, as well as resources and support.


This course is ideal for parents with children of the young elementary school age all the way up to young adults.

Course Outline

  • What is Body Image​

  • What is Self Esteem

  • What Influences Body Image?

  • What Does it Mean to Have a Healthy Body Image?

  • Statistics on Body Image

  • What Can Parents/Caregivers Do?

  • Body Neutrality and HAES

  • How to Spot Body Image Challenges in Your Child

  • Impacts of Social Media on Body Image and Self Esteem

  • Tips for Navigating Social Media to Improve Body Image

  • Developing Language for Healthy Body Image

  • Personal Reflection Activity

  • Resources

  • Parent's Course on Body Image

    Help your kids and teens develop healthy body image
    Valid for 12 months

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