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We strongly believe in educating and sharing helpful resources with our local community!


Clinical Director, Gabrielle, as well as other members of the team are available to provide educational seminars and presentations to schools, colleges, and other organizations.

To request a presentation, please contact the team here.

Most recently Gabby has presented at Temple, TCNJ, Spring Side Chestnut Hill, West Chester University, Montco, The Center for Family Empowerment, Cabrini, Penn State, and the Sacremento Children's Home. Below are two seminars that Gabrielle did for local schools.If you are interested reach out today!!! 

Gabby Morreale joins a panel of experts for SimplePractice's Eating Disorder Awareness webinar

Gabby Morreale's presentation for parents: Helping Your Kids & Teens Develop Healthy Body Image

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