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Meet the Team

at Recovered & Restored Eating Disorder Therapy Center

Gabrielle Morreale, owner of Recovered and Restored Eating Disorder Therapy Center

Gabrielle Morreale LPC

Eating Disorder and OCD Specialist

Gabby is the Owner and Clinical Director of Recovered & Restored Eating Disorder Therapy Center.

Her journey as a clinician began 10 years ago, after receiving her Master's Degree in counseling psychology from Rosemont College in Bryn Mawr. Since then, she has continued her education and received her clinical license in Pennsylvania, New JerseyDelaware, South Carolina, and Florida. Additionally, she has a certificate in cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy and trauma-informed care. Gabby also recently received formal training in exposure response prevention through the CBT school and feels confident to treat both eating disorders, OCD and perinatal mental health issues. She is also fully recovered from anorexia and is an IVF warrior and is honored to take part in your healing journey. She’s been there she gets it! 


Gabby is an eating disorder therapist and HAES provider who specializes and is deeply passionate about helping teens and young women heal from their eating disorder. She works with both teens and women suffering with anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia, and binge eating disorder. She also treats maternal mental health disorders as well as those struggling with infertility, disordered eating, anxiety, and PTSD. 

In Her Spare Time
She is a wife, puppy mom, and aunt. She spends most of her free time with her husband and family, especially her niece Caia who is the sparkle of her world! 


She is obsessed with all things glitter and loves the beach. In the winter months when she isn’t at the beach, she enjoys playing with her dog cooking, shopping, working out, and watching a good home improvement or reality show.

Gabby's fees start at $200 session.

Gabby is licensed in PA, NJ, MD, SC, FL and DE!!!


OliviaMahany, M.S.

Eating Disorder, OCD,& Anxiety Therapist 

Olivia is one of our eating disorder and anxiety therapists at Recovered and Restored. She graduated from Penn State University's master's program in counselor education program. She also received her bachelor's degree from Penn State in psychology. She is extremely passionate about helping teens and women struggling with disordered eating, eating disorders, body image, OCD, anxiety, and depression and Trauma. Olivia previously worked in the community mental health setting and has an array of experiences.
Olivia is an eclectic provider and is trained in CBT, DBT, ACT, and person-centered modalities. In the counseling space, Olivia focuses most on building a strong therapeutic relationship with her clients full of warmth, empathy, and unconditional positive regard. She is dedicated to creating a welcoming, safe, and nonjudgmental environment to promote healing and growth. She deeply believes healing is possible and would love to help you heal from your eating disorder or whatever you may be going through. Olivia offers online therapy in PA, NJ, MD, DE, SC, and FL and coaching sessions worldwide.
In her spare time, Olivia enjoys cuddling with her cat, Chicken, trying new restaurants, and going for walks. She loves spending time in nature and is always up for a hike or a weekend camping trip. Olivia enjoys learning new hobbies – she is currently trying to learn how to crochet.

Oliva's fees start at $150/session

Olivia can see clients from PA, NJ, MD, DE, SC, and FL!

Becc leatherman, Director of Family Services at Recovered and Restored Eating Disorder Therapy Center

Becc Leatherman, MSW

Director of Family Services

Becc has worked with teens and families for the past 20 years. She received her Master’s degree from Baylor University and has been working in the school and community settings ever since. She is passionate about helping families work on setting clear boundaries and healing from within.  Becc is trained in Internal Family Systems Therapy as well as Trauma and is our lead family therapist on staff. Becc works therapeutically, with clients in PA, NJ, and DE. She is HAES aligned and is passionate about helping families heal from their loved ones eating disorder.


It is her hope that by creating a bond of trust with each client and allowing them to gain skills weekly that they will be able to support their teen or loved one in recovery and create healthy family dynamics in the home.

She also offers parent-coaching sessions worldwide. 

Being a parent is hard right? Especially if your teen has an eating disorder or struggles with high-risk behaviors! These sessions are designed to help parents understand their teen’s perspective, but also have a safe space to have their own feelings. Becc offers online coaching sessions to make it convenient for you and your family. 

In Her Spare Time
There never seems to be enough time in the day to do all the things she loves, but a perfect day for me includes a good book, some kid cuddles, and making a new recipe for dinner.

Becc's fees start at $155/session.

Becc provides parent coaching nationwide


Hannah de Groot,  LPC

Eating Disorder, OCD & Anxiety Therapist

Hannah does her best work with teens and young adults struggling with eating disorders, depression, and anxiety. Hannah is an expert in helping clients channel their innate resiliency and begin to heal from within. Hannah’s passion for eating disorder recovery began when she was earning her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from Penn State University. Hannah has her Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Temple University and is a licensed professional counselor. 


She is a Health At Every Size (HAES) provider and utilizes aspects of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Feminist Theory, and Person-Centered Therapy in her practices. Hannah is certified in trauma in formed yoga and has completed her 200 hour RYT training. 


Hannah also has extensive experience treating athletes with eating disorders and is passionate helping athletes heal their relationship with exercise and their body. As well as experience working with the LGBTQ+ community when working in the University of Penn's and Temple's counseling center.  Hannah also recently received formal training in yoga therapy, exposure response prevention through the CBT school and feels confident to treat both eating disorders and OCD. She would be honored to be a part of your recovery process. Hannah offers online therapy in PA, NJ, MD,  SC, FL and DE and coaching sessions worldwide.


In Her Spare Time

Hannah loves listening to podcasts or audiobooks while cooking and baking for her family. She also enjoys reading and exercising intuitively.

Hannah's fees start at $160/session.

Recovered and restored Eating Disorder Therapy Center Bree Pic.jpg

Breanna Potts  M.S.

Eating Disorder, OCD & Trauma Therapist

Breanna is one of our eating disorder and trauma specialist at Recovered and Restored. Breanna is a masters level clinician who graduated from Gwynedd Mercy University . Breanna is fully EMDR trained. She is extremely passionate about helping teens and young women struggling with self-esteem, disordered eating, eating disorders, body image, anxiety, and depression.


Breanna understands that recovery is a process and that you are not a person who needs to be fixed, but someone who needs support and a safe space for healing. Breanna uses a humanistic therapeutic approach full of unconditional positive regard and empathy. She would love nothing more and would be honored, to walk alongside you in your journey to reclaim your life and silence your eating disorder. Bree is formally trained in EMDR, DBT, CBT, and ERP. Breanna is fully HAES-aligned and is dedicated to helping you get to a place where you can say, “Been there, WON that!” Bree offers online therapy in PA, NJ, MD, SC, FL and DE and coaching sessions worldwide.

In Her Spare Time

Breanna is a pet mom to her dog and two guinea pigs and loves to spend her free time loving and caring for her fur babies! Breanna can also be found always with a good book and really good coffee in hand! 

Breanna's fees start at $155 per session.

Adherent EMDR fees starts at $165 per session

RR bio 5.jpeg

Rachel Dodson  RD, LDN

Eating Disorder Nutritionist

Rachel graduated from West Chester University, Honors College XVI with a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics in 2018. She completed her dietetic internship at Immaculata University in 2020 and graduated with her Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition from Immaculata in 2022.


Rachel is a non-diet dietitian who believes in intuitive eating and is a HAES health at every size provider. She is passionate about walking alongside her clients as they seek to heal their relationship with food and their bodies, and re-discover the joy of eating! Rachel works with both teens and women suffering from eating disorders, disordered eating, and other nutrition-related conditions.


Rachel has extensive experience treating eating disorders and is personally recovered from disordered eating. Being on the other side of that battle, she wants to help others quiet all the noise, no matter what season of life they’re in. She became a registered dietitian to help others on their own path to discovering freedom with food, exercise, and nutrition. Rachel offers fully virtual online nutritional counseling sessions in PA, NJ, MD, SC, DE, FL and coaching worldwide. 


In Her Spare Time

Rachel loves to spend time with her friends and family, including her siblings and their kiddos! In her free time, Rachel is most likely grabbing a coffee with a friend or is on a walk listening to her favorite podcasts. She loves to ride her bike, read, watch rom-coms and bake cookies. 

Rachel's fees start at $160/session.

Rachel is licensed in PA, DE, NJ, MD, SC, FL and can provide nutritional coaching worldwide.

Screen Shot 2023-06-24 at 9.24.59 AM.png

Claudia Griffo, BS, MSW

Claudia is one of our eating disorder and anxiety therapists at Recovered and Restored. Claudia is a Master's level clinician who is a graduate of Widener University’s MSW program.  She previously graduated from Rowan University in New Jersey with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology.  Claudia’s passion has always been to help individuals on their therapeutic journey, and along with her master’s degree she is also certified in trauma recovery.  She is extremely passionate about helping adolescents and young women struggling with disordered eating, eating disorders, body image, OCD, anxiety, and trauma.


Claudia emphasizes that our pasts do not define us and that as individuals we are beyond capable. As someone who has recovered from an eating disorder herself, Claudia understands that healing is a process and it is attainable!  Claudia’s goal is to create a safe space for clients to feel comfortable and is passionate about using empathy and understanding to build a warm and open relationship.  Claudia is dedicated to supporting clients on their recovery journey. Claudia is a fat-positive, HAES provider and uses an eclectic approach to therapy. Some modalities she incorporates into sessions at DBT, CBT, and ERP. Claudia offers online therapy in PA, NJ, MD, FL, SC, and DE and coaching sessions worldwide.


In Her Spare Time

Claudia worked to train and certify her golden retriever as a service dog in 2020, and she loves long walks with her fur baby.  She is a big fan of the outdoors and is an avid horseback rider.  Claudia loves quality time spent with friends and family and loves to challenge her baking skills with new projects.


Claudia’s rate starts at $145 per session. She has some sliding scale options available.

Therapy Dogs in Training



Hannah's Dog



Cluadia's Dog



Claudia's Dog



Bree's Dog

Daisy, Tristan, Van & Maverick are working towards their Therapy Dog Certificate. In the meantime, they may pop into sessions to say Hi or join in to celebrate a recovery WIN!

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