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Recovered & Restored

Updated: Jun 4

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By Gabrielle Alyse Morreale M.A. LPC.

Hi everyone this is Gabby The owner and clinical director of Recovered and Restored Eating Disorder Therapy Center! For our first blog I wanted to share with you where this name came from and why I hold it close to my heart.

As someone who struggled on and off with anorexia and bulimia for almost 18 years of her life to finally call myself recovered is a true joy and one of my most proud accomplishment. Being recovered comes with so much freedom! It’s a freedom I wish for all of YOU!! A freedom to be present in my life. A freedom to respect my body! A freedom to trust my body! A freedom to eat foods I actually enjoy and they no longer come with a side of guilt! A freedom to enjoy family gatherings and to cherish each one of my family members to the fullest this includes my baby boy dog Apollo!! A freedom to move my body because I want to not because I have to! There are so many amazing freedoms that come with recovery and being recovered these are few. Being recovered takes work but it is worth it you are worth it an deserve all the wonderful things it comes with!!

Now where did I come up with the word Restored? Well throughout my eating disorder recovery I was constantly being told that I needed to “gain weight.” And for the record there’s nothing wrong with gaining weight!! Nothing at all in fact gaining weight is normal and a wonderful thing. It’s our bodies way of protecting itself and a sign of survival! For me though, in my recovery at times it felt near impossible and terrifying. If you are struggling with this right now please know I see you and I’m sending so much compassion your way!! One day my amazing doctor who had been in the thick of it with me used the word restored when discussing my weight and it clicked.

I was being given a chance to restore my body to allow it to heal, to be made new, and that for me was pretty amazing!! Obviously we know this was no easy road and had many ups and downs, but since then I choose to use the word restore when discussing weight. Weight gain is nothing to be feared and weight restoration is often a critical and important part of recovery! There are also so so many other things that will get restored when you recover from your eating disorder. For me my mind was restored I had so much space for creativity, joy, family, friendships, a business just to name a few! My emotions were restored! I am no longer numb and can feel my feelings!! Thank God!! My life was truly restored and is something I could have only wished for back in the days of my eating disorder!

So that is how Recovered and Restored Eating Disorders Therapy Center got it’s name! Treating eating disorders is what we do in fact it’s all we do!! My team and I would be honored to take part on your healing journey and to help you get to a place where you also are recovered and restored!!

This blog is dedicated to each of YOU, sending so much courage and compassion your way!